NIH MEG-North America Workshop

National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, Maryland


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  1. Reproducibility and Reliability: This group will work to form an efficient battery for testing reliability across sites, imaging hardware, and software platforms. Implementation of the battery across multiple sites will be planned.
  2. Data Sharing Architecture and Infrastructure: Discussion of concrete plans for implmentation of a data sharing infrastructure. Potential architecture and formats will be discussed, along with dissemination policies.
  3. Academic/Industry Partnerships: Discussion of how best to solicit partnerships with industry to facilitate evolution of the field
  4. Facillitating Best Practices: Recognizing that best practices should develop organically, how can we best facilitate that process through the use of metrics and standardized datasets.

The intention to volunteer for one or more committees can be send directly to, with the subject heading "Committee Membership"

Please include what committee(s) you are interested in serving on and why, along with your institutional affiliation.

Committee membership will be limited to small groups. In the case of overwhelming interest members will be chosen by the steering committee, with attention to diversity of geographical location, gender, research/clinical orientation, career level, etc.

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